iPhone Apps I Really Use and Enjoy

I’ve tried a lot of iPhone apps in the last six months since I made the switch. Plenty have come and gone. These are the ones I use a lot and enjoy:

BNO News — BNO is almost always first with a development


The Weather Channel Max — lots of info with push alerts

Newsie – my favorite RSS reader

Sirius-XM — I subscribe in my car and added a subscription for my iPhone and love it.

Weightbot– for tracking my weight

Zagat to Go – Excellent Reviews

AppBox Pro





Google Maps

What are your favorites?


A Message to Apple: What’s So Terrible About the Mobile Web on a Mobile Device?

I’ve been to my local Apple Store about eight times to try the iPhone but I haven’t bought one even though the device really puts a smile on my face. It’s beautiful and sexy. Part of me really wants it. The disadvantages are significant though: AT&T (weak network and weak customer service), EDGE is slow and my Shure headphones don’t work. But those aren’t the only reasons I didn’t buy it. I keep hearing that the iPhone through Safari gives the user the “real Internet.” Well, I don’t see it that way. Let’s say I bring up the New York Times web page on my computer. I can actually read what’s in front of my eyes. With the iPhone I have to zoom in on a small portion of the page. And the pages loaded slowly — even with the WiFi in my local Apple store. This isn’t the real Internet!

I now have a BlackBerry 8830 on Verizon. On that I get mobile web pages using EVDO, which is a lot faster than EDGE but not as fast as WiFi. But mobile web pages generally either have no images or few images. I get the information I want and almost no ads. So I can really read the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or the International Herald Tribune. I get fewer ads, more speed and more information per page load than I would get if I purchased an iPhone. So given the small screen I feel I am better off with the mobile web compared with cramming a big web page into a small space.

I love Apple products. I love my iPod and listen to it when I exercise (maybe 3 hours a week). It’s okay with me if I miss a call (I don’t get many calls) because I’m listening to something on my iPod. Would I love an iPod with a bigger screen? Yes. Would I love a touch screen iPod? Sure. Do I want a communication device in my music player? Not really, especially since I would need to be on a carrier I don’t really admire.

I guess I will wait for a bigger touch screen iPod and continue to use my BlackBerry for mobile email, mobile browsing and the small bit of telephone talking I do.

But wow what a beautiful device the iPhone is!

Undecided About the iPhone

I love my Mac and think the iPhone is just plain sexy. I would love to be able to sync through iTunes. I now have a Blackberry World Edition on Verizon. Verizon has a better network than AT&T but the iPhone would allow me to carry one device on the weekend (I must carry a Blackberry for work that cannot receive my personal emails.) So for now I am sticking with Verizon. But the iPhone is so beautiful, even on EDGE, which is slow compared with EVDO on Verizon.

I really wish Apple had offered a choice of networks. If Apple had offered the iPhone on Verizon I would have bought it immediately.

Apple to Design Mercedes Navigation (COMAND) System

Apple to Design Mercedes Navigation (COMAND) System: “

German auto magazine FOCUS is reporting that Apple has entered into an exclusive agreement with Mercedes-Benz to design and manufacture Mercedes’ integrated navigation system on select 2009 models.

Details are sketchy right now, but the new navi / COMAND system is slated to debut in Mercedes’ 2009 cars. No word on which models will get the Apple makeover, but anyone whose used a COMAND-based ‘Benz lately knows the system needs an overhaul.

It’s probably a safe bet that the Apple GPS / entertainment control system will support the iPod and iPhone. Hopefully it’ll be touch-screen operated (instead of the annoying buttons on the current COMAND systems. While we’re making out a wish list: hey Apple – how about some WiFi, Blu-Ray, and Divx/Xvid support?!

Last year I reviewed the SL55 AMG’s nav system and found it couldn’t compete with after-market units from Garmin and Magellan. This could definitely spice up the in-car GPS market.

According to the FOCUS Magazine article, Apple’s deal with Mercedes will be exclusive for the first 6 months, after which we can very likely expect to see the Apple navi system (iGPS?) appearing in luxury cars from other auto-makers.

(Via GPS Magazine.)

Ranchero Software: NetNewsWire 3.0d46: Sneak Peak Release


Ranchero Software: NetNewsWire 3.0d46: Sneak Peak Release: “NetNewsWire / MarsEdit / Software

NetNewsWire is hands down my favorite RSS reader. Ranchero Software, the developer, just released a “pre-beta” upgrade and I love it! It is beautiful. It allows the user to see a preview of the web page in the lower left hand corner of the monitor. It’s like the way you see album art in iTunes. When I add a feed I can choose which folder the feed will go in. The new “combined view” is very pleasing to the eye and simple to follow; it’s very intuitive. I’ve only used the new software for a few hours but so far it has worked well. And that doesn’t surprise me.

(Via Ranchero)