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Katie Melua: “Nine Million Bicycles”


This is just a stunningly beautiful love song about a woman who loves a man while recognizing just how small one person is in the cosmos. She promises to give to him all she has; to love him until she dies.

Katie Melua was born in Georgia (former USSR) in 1984 growing up in the capital Tbilisi and later the seaside town of Batumi. The family left Georgia when Katie was 8 and moved to Belfast due to her father’s profession as a heart surgeon. When Katie told this to one of her teachers later on in England he described the move as: “from the frying pan into the fire”. She never really viewed it as that because she had a great childhood both in Georgia and Northern Ireland. Katie found the people in Northern Ireland extremely warm and made great friends at St. Catherine’s Primary School and Dominican College, Fortwilliam – Katie went to catholic schools in Northern Ireland while her younger brother went to a protestant school.

“Nine Million Bicycles”


These are the lyrics:

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Sasha Dobson

Sasha Dobson

Sasha Dobson is originally from Santa Cruz, California, where she grew up singing jazz professionally from the age of 16. She now lives in New York City, performing in clubs around the Lower East Side.

Her debut album, Modern Romance, a fusion of Brazilian groove/pop/jazz/American songbook, was released this summer on Secret Sun Recordings, the new label of singer/songwriter Jesse Harris.

Sasha’s music is soft, sublime and engaging all at the same time.