iPhone Apps I Really Use and Enjoy

I’ve tried a lot of iPhone apps in the last six months since I made the switch. Plenty have come and gone. These are the ones I use a lot and enjoy:

BNO News — BNO is almost always first with a development


The Weather Channel Max — lots of info with push alerts

Newsie – my favorite RSS reader

Sirius-XM — I subscribe in my car and added a subscription for my iPhone and love it.

Weightbot– for tracking my weight

Zagat to Go – Excellent Reviews

AppBox Pro





Google Maps

What are your favorites?


Facebook is Boring

I recently deactivated my Facebook account. I got tired of reading insignificant details about the lives of people I seldom see. Who cares if Bob ate a steak dinner tonight? And the quizzes were annoying. Folks must be really bored. Well, it seems I’m not alone. The New York Times published an article entitled “Facebook Exodus” which reports that “while people are still joining Facebook and compulsively visiting the site, a small but noticeable group are fleeing — some of them ostentatiously.”

See also this Newsweek story: You Can’t Friend Me, I Quit! The author exclaims “When I think about all the hours I wasted this past year on Facebook, and imagine the good I could have done instead, it depresses me.”

Undecided About the iPhone

I love my Mac and think the iPhone is just plain sexy. I would love to be able to sync through iTunes. I now have a Blackberry World Edition on Verizon. Verizon has a better network than AT&T but the iPhone would allow me to carry one device on the weekend (I must carry a Blackberry for work that cannot receive my personal emails.) So for now I am sticking with Verizon. But the iPhone is so beautiful, even on EDGE, which is slow compared with EVDO on Verizon.

I really wish Apple had offered a choice of networks. If Apple had offered the iPhone on Verizon I would have bought it immediately.

Apple to Design Mercedes Navigation (COMAND) System

Apple to Design Mercedes Navigation (COMAND) System: “

German auto magazine FOCUS is reporting that Apple has entered into an exclusive agreement with Mercedes-Benz to design and manufacture Mercedes’ integrated navigation system on select 2009 models.

Details are sketchy right now, but the new navi / COMAND system is slated to debut in Mercedes’ 2009 cars. No word on which models will get the Apple makeover, but anyone whose used a COMAND-based ‘Benz lately knows the system needs an overhaul.

It’s probably a safe bet that the Apple GPS / entertainment control system will support the iPod and iPhone. Hopefully it’ll be touch-screen operated (instead of the annoying buttons on the current COMAND systems. While we’re making out a wish list: hey Apple – how about some WiFi, Blu-Ray, and Divx/Xvid support?!

Last year I reviewed the SL55 AMG’s nav system and found it couldn’t compete with after-market units from Garmin and Magellan. This could definitely spice up the in-car GPS market.

According to the FOCUS Magazine article, Apple’s deal with Mercedes will be exclusive for the first 6 months, after which we can very likely expect to see the Apple navi system (iGPS?) appearing in luxury cars from other auto-makers.

(Via GPS Magazine.)

A Plea on Gizmodo to “Stop Buying Consumer Electronics”

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: Joel Johnson Returns…to Spank Us All for Supporting Crap – Gizmodo: “[E]very single one of these consumer electronics companies should be approached as the enemy. They work for us. Hold their feet to the fire when they say their product is going to change even a small part of our lives. Circle back again in six months when they’re shilling the incremental upgrade and ask them why the last version didn’t cut the mustard.”

This article strikes me as rant with an excellent message: just how important are all the gadgets many of us seem to adore compared with other things in life like relationships.

(Via Gizmodo)