Facebook is Boring

I recently deactivated my Facebook account. I got tired of reading insignificant details about the lives of people I seldom see. Who cares if Bob ate a steak dinner tonight? And the quizzes were annoying. Folks must be really bored. Well, it seems I’m not alone. The New York Times published an article entitled “Facebook Exodus” which reports that “while people are still joining Facebook and compulsively visiting the site, a small but noticeable group are fleeing — some of them ostentatiously.”

See also this Newsweek story: You Can’t Friend Me, I Quit! The author exclaims “When I think about all the hours I wasted this past year on Facebook, and imagine the good I could have done instead, it depresses me.”


On Loneliness

The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears

“When you live alone for as long as I have, you forget your private world is only an illusion created by a door and a key.” Page 82.

“What was it my father used to say? A bird stuck between two branches gets bitten on both wings. I would like to add my own saying to the list now, Father: a man stuck between two worlds lives and dies alone. I have dangled and been suspended long enough.” page 228

— Dinaw Mengestu, from his beautifully written novel entitled “The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears”

Mr. Mengenstu was born in Ethiopia in 1978 and came to the United States with his mother and sister when he was two years old. He’s a graduate of Georgetown and Columbia universities.